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bulletSean Altman's album alt.mania features one of the purest voices in the business. Also known for his work in the Loser's Lounge, he has released "Losing Streak", a CD of his performances with that group.
bulletThe Anderson Council are a well liked group whose music is very reminiscent of the sixties bands. Look out for their new album "The Fall Parade".
bulletBand of Thieves feature strong lead vocals in a trad rock setting. Leigh Nelson, once of BBC, makes the bass notes. What do you do next when your band's debut is at the Bowery Ballroom?
bulletRichard Barone  Once of Hoboken's The Bongos, this fan of T-Rex has an angelic voice.
bulletThe Bastards of Melody are legitimate rockers from Joisey. Hard working,  their album "Break Up" is very good.
bulletBlondie Debbie Harry and band are bona fide superstars. Clem Burke is one of the most energetic drummers around.
bulletThe Booty Olympics Featuring Mitzi Dodge once of STP. Check out their mp3's on their site, including the neat one "Burn".
bulletThe Brand moved lock, stock and barrel from Hialeah to New York to make their fortune.
bulletThe Breetles I thought this New Jersey band would sound like the Beatles, but I think they've also got a 10cc sound to them!  Their new album "SOUND RECORDINGS" is now available.
bulletThe Brilliant Mistakes album "Dumb Luck" is breathtakingly good! Where was I when it was released?  Wowed the crowd in L.A. at the International Pop Overthrow festival.
bulletThe Brixton Riot sound EXACTLY like a power pop band should sound like - tunes, guitars, vocals.
bulletJohn Brodeur moved to New York, and his songwriting skills and sweet voice have made the trip in one piece.
bulletDave Foster, the honcho of Bubble, has branched out solo with "Blue Circle"
bulletThe Catholic Girls are a pop group that formed in the eighties and have a brand new album out, "Meet the Catholic Girls".
bulletThe Churchills  new album is the "Odds of Winning". Sweet! Check out my review in this website.
bulletJon Caspi, once of Boss Gremlin, fills the bars in his hometown Keyport with fans eager to hear both wonderful originals and rootsy covers.
bulletCopperpot Jarrett Randazzo, who breaks into and out of falsetto instantly, has a voice you will never forget.  They play some memorable melodies in their live set as well. Check out my article in the review section. They have morphed into Hathaway Brown. "Keep Moving Forward" is their new perfect CD.
bulletThe Crash Moderns are a new local band whose new CD is entitled "Good Night Glamour Good Morning Disaster"
bulletMarshall Crenshaw A walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge. Tasteful guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. My friend Lynn and I had the pleasure of conversing with this Brooklynite and his wife before a Del Shannon concert at the Bottom Line.
bulletSee the Damnwells and you will be able to brag you were familiar with their music before they busted out onto the world scene. They are giving away their new album on their website.
bulletThe Davenports are a band who released a fantastic album "Hi-Tech Lowlife".
bulletThe Dipsomaniacs were finalists in Little Steven's battle of the garage bands.
bulletThe Domestics are a Brooklyn band led by Alina Moscovitz and has power pop fan Evan Silverman on bass.  Their lyrics are very provocative.
bulletEarly Edison Recently released their eponymous new album. Very popular Long Island band who were featured in a TV ad for 1-800-OK-CABLE.
bulletThe Fab Faux are a Beatles tribute band who reproduce the most complicated songs live.
bulletThe Favorites play songs that sound like they were written years ago. Extremely highly recommended.
bulletI walked into Bryan Fenkart's IPO set in mid-song, and am anxious to hear this powerful singer's full set.
bulletEd Fingerling Thank you, Ed, for waiting patiently for me to update this site. Now I can give your music its proper due. A very personal and rocking album, soon to be available on CD Baby.
bulletFountains of Wayne Their latest album  is called "Traffic and Weather". Chris and Adam no longer live in our area, but references to New York abound in their music. They're named after a fountain store in Wayne, New Jersey.
bulletFuture 86 is not your everyday bar band - they have lots of original music and were featured in a 1-800-OK-CABLE commercial.
bulletClick the pig! The paint is still wet in Gary Pig Gold's website. He's a musician and journalist - two mints in one!
bulletAndy of The Sun Kings has a solo project, The Goldbergs, and "Under the Radar" is a pleasure through and through.
bulletThe Goo Goo Dolls OK, I know, they're from Buffalo. But they're arguably the most popular power pop band around.

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bulletThe Grip Weeds  They're phenomenal virtuosos. Pictured above playing at a Highland Park, New Jersey street fair.
bulletCJ Grogan played well at IPO NY and is working on an acoustic album now.
bulletRichard X. Heyman He and his band are as intense as you can get. Stalwarts of our music.
bulletJonny Lives! are a new addition to this page, and proof that power pop bands are relevant in 2008.
bulletKing Fly are a power pop band whose latest album is "Elevator Up".
bulletLocksley are the bomb! They WILL become big rock stars.
bulletAndy Mac moved to Brooklyn from Buffalo, and is playing beautiful songs with a 1970's vibe.
bulletJoe Mannix Enjoy his new album "A Town by the Sea".  Great vocals and songs.   
bullet Eytan Mirsky hails from Queens. His claim to fame is writing the song "Happiness" which was sung by Michael Stipe and Rain Phoenix in the 1998 film of the same name. 
bulletNada Surf are international stars.
bulletWilie Nile recently released his first studio album in six years.
bulletNova Social A New Jersey and New York band that made a snowman that looks like you. They do upholstery on the side.
bulletMarykate O'Neil is an artist whose self-titled debut album has garnered great press. Her new album is entitled "Underground".
bulletThe Next Big Thing to hit New York will be this acoustic band featuring Shane Faubert, Gary Pig Gold and Jeremy Lee on the box.
bullet Orange Park just released their new CD, "Revelations on Future Predictions".
bulletThe Orion Experience, featuring whom else but Orion, have released "Cosmicandy" in January.
bulletThe Peaces feature brilliant vocal harmonies and a real sixties sound.
bulletMark Bacino's Pop Job has recently released an album "Million Dollar Milkshake". They really work hard to please their audience. A unique sound led by Mark's soaring vocals.
bulletThe Rockinghams are a '60s cover band who have the coolest fans in the world.
bulletThe Rooks.  Great songwriting. Frontman Michael Mazzarella just released a second solo CD.
bulletThe Rosenbergs Their album "Department Store Girl" is amazing - and  made my top twenty list for 2004. Frontman David Fagin just released a solo CD.
bulletJules Shear. The author of one of the best power pop anthems, "If We Never Meet Again". Songs recorded by Cindy Lauper, the Bangles, and many others.
bulletMichael Shelley has a recent album out, "Goodbye Cheater"
bulletShwa has moved to NYC recently from D.C. - his CD is stunning!
bulletThe Smithereens New Jersey's own. I saw them open for The Searchers many, many years ago. Been going to their shows ever since.
bulletSonic Blue Sound Review are the new supergroup featuring Michael Mazzarella.
bulletStereosoul is made up of the brothers from Cosmic Avenger. Their new album is danceable.
bulletCord Stone has moved to Austin, but I couldn't just delete him from this page.
bulletThe Sun Kings A New York band with a truly Beatles sound.  Very talented.
bullet The Tender Mercies Tom Conte's lead vocals are strong and emotional. Regulars in the Village band scene. With members of  the early eighties band The Go.
bulletThey Might Be Giants are a very versatile group led by two Marks.
bulletTrouble Dolls feature Cheri and Matty of Mark Bacino's Pop Job. Check out their new album "I Don't Know Anything at All". 
bulletTrue Love Their third album, "Wings" is now available and is extremely highly recommended!
bulletGeorge Usher. The host of several pop circuses at the Mercury Lounge, his band is the epitome of jangle pop. George's tenor is stunning. His band's latest album, "Fire Garden" was released in  2003.  Lately George has been working with his ten year old son James and with Ed Rogers .
bulletMike Viola and the Candybutchers O.K. Jack? You're happy I listed your favorite band?
bullet Wired are a new pop punk band from Long Island who work hard to entertain you. Reminiscent of blink-182, they just put out a very excellent album "Your First Time".
bulletKenny Young and the Eggplants are the funniest band I've seen in years.